Good Slots Tournaments come in pairs according to VIP Casino

VIP Casino has been under the banner of Cryptologic for some time now and since it is operating under a license granted by Malta, it is actually one of the more trusted and reputable casinos out there. Good slots tournaments are hard to come by in general, but VIP Casino has had an excellent track record when it comes to creating tournaments that people really enjoy. They are attempting to go one further in that streak in March by taking two of their best slot machines and creating online slots tournaments based around those two machines.

According to VIP Casino, “good things come in pairs” and in the case of this particular tournament scheme the pair they are talking about are Millionaire’s Club and Bejeweled. Millionaire’s Club is an online slot machine that virtually all Cryptologic fans are aware of because of its excellence whereas Bejeweled is a slot machine that has been able to cash in on the popularity of the skill game of the same name in order to create an online slot machine sensation. Cryptologic is at their best when they create games like these and therefore it is fitting that in an attempt to extend their good slot machine tournament streak even further, VIP Casino chose to turn to the best and brightest weapons that it had in its arsenal.

The month started off with the Millionaire’s Club tournament which has been scheduled to go from March 1st through to March 15th. The entry fee for the tournament was $10, although the eventual winner of the tournament will get a chance to multiply that amount by fifty with the $500 grand prize that will be awarded on the 15th. The second place finisher will get $250 as their prize and the people that finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th will all be awarded a $50 prize for their efforts. The tournament format and prize structure will be exactly the same for the Bejeweled tournament which will begin on March 16th and continue through to the end of the month.

Overall, it looks as though VIP Casino has struck gold again with their tournaments this month. The Millionaire’s Club tournament has been quite popular and there is every reason to think that Bejeweled, which is the more popular of the two in cash game format, will be able to pick up any slack when the 16th of March rolls around.

Sloto Cash Casino to Announce Exciting new iSlot Cosmic Quest Episode 2: Mystery Planets

Sloto Cash Casino has long been one of the most reliable sources of online gaming for slot machines and for that reason has become one of the most beloved online slots specialist casinos around. Now, in order to celebrate anything and everything they are going to be adding to their collection of iSlots with the release of a new excellent machine that has just been created by Rival Gaming. The machine is called Cosmic Quest Episode 2: Mystery Planets and it features a continuing storyline from the first chapter of the iSlot with the same name. Fans of the first iSlot are going to love this one as it remains true to the spirit of the first game, incorporating everything that made that game great into the design of this game.

In numerical terms, Sloto Cash Casino’s new iSlot will have 5 reels, 20 lines, 10 coins and a number of different symbols that will activate different features like free spins, prize multipliers and wildcards that can help you from any position on the reels of the slot machine.

The numbers are great, but it is not really the numbers that define any modern online slot machine, let alone a machine that is fortunate enough to be part of the rich new frontier of gaming that is the iSlot. The iSlot, perhaps more than any other form of slot machine in existence, is defined by the theme that is attached to it and when it comes to the theme, Cosmic Quest is one of the best on the market. That fact is brought home once again in the special features of this game, including an amazing Rocker Racer bonus round that actually incorporates an element of skill into the game, allowing you to win more bonus money if you have more skill.

The bonus game concerns a rocket ship located in a collection of caves, with your goal being to pilot the rocket ship as far as possible through the caves without crashing. This is where the skill element of the game comes into play as piloting the ship farther will get you more points in the end with those points leading to better credits and higher amounts of prize money. With skill involved to such a great deal, you have a chance to really control your destiny when you get behind the controls in Cosmic Quest Episode 2: Mystery Planets.

Play new online slot game Groove City at All Star Slots Casino

Wizard Gaming is one of the newer online casino software providers in the world today and indeed when one combines Rival Gaming, Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech, it is quite easy to see that many people would not want to get into the online casino software provision business because of how much the giants have strangled the rest of the marketplace. Wizard Gaming has been very good about it though and has gone about the business of pushing its way into some of that market with a grace that is far beyond its years. However, they did receive a blow when one of their casinos (Gold Rock Casino), ended up deserting them in favor of Rival Gaming software.

While that certainly did sting, it did not result in the collapse of the Wizard Gaming brand as many people had predicted. Instead, Wizard Gaming picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and then started once again with All Star Slots Casino. This casino has been carrying the weight of expectations for awhile now and while the online casino is still new by most measures that a person would use, they nevertheless have already earned the respect of many of their peers, resulting in people looking far more seriously at the future prospects for Wizard Gaming within the online gambling marketplace.

All Star Slots Casino, as the name implies, is a slots specialist casino that for the entirety of its existence has only offered slot machine gaming. While table games are expected to be along eventually, it is the slot machines that have really allowed this casino to grab some early market share and indeed the release of the new Groove City online video slot machine has once again shown that while Wizard Gaming may not have the experience and the long standing partnerships of the other online casino software developers, they nevertheless have the ability to match them in terms of creating compelling online slot machine content that people will want to play again and again.

Groove City is based on a theme taken directly from the funk music genre within the United States of America. Funk was a music style developed in the mid 20th century primarily by African American musicians within the context of a number of other social movements and for that reason there is a real world significance that gives this particular online video slot machine a lot of emotional appeal and power.

Cherry Red Casino to Offer Additional Promotional Bonuses

Cherry Red Casino is an interesting online casino that comes from the group of casinos launched in 2008. It is one of the newer casinos and as an additional reinforcement of that particular point, it is a casino that gets it software from one of the newer online developers. Real Time Gaming provides the software for Cherry Red Casino and ever since its inception in 2008 it has been doing a very good job of making its way up the ranks of the online gambling community. Now that it has done a good job in terms of encouraging initial growth, many believe that it is time for Cherry Red Casino to start aggressively expanding and February has seen at least some evidence that they are planning to do just that.

Specifically, Cherry Red Casino appears to be interested in diversifying both their player base and their trusted deposit methods and in an attempt to do both of those things effectively, the online casino has decided to institute two new bonus offers into their overall promotional structure. When taken together, these two bonuses will have the ability to bring new players into the fold, bring old players back for more gaming action and institute more popularity within a payment method that holds a lot of promise for the future.

The first of these two bonuses is being referred to by Cherry Red Casino as a “February Faxback”. Essentially, this means that you need to fill out and fax a form to the Cherry Red office in order to actually get the bonuses credited to your account. The way this particular bonus works is that if you make five deposits into Cherry Red Casino during the month of February and then fill out and submit that form, you will end up being credited with a bottomless 10% deposit bonus on all of the deposits that you made. This rewards people that are loyal to the casino but also rewards anyone that wants to make February their ultimate gaming month.

The second bonus is a bottomless 10% bonus on the first two deposits that anyone makes utilizing the Net Money payment method. This is intended to get more people using this method for their transactions and since this bonus is very special and does not even have wagering requirements attached to it, one can expect that it will be successful in that particular purpose.

VIP Casino to Offer Rare Table Game Tournaments

February 2009 appears to be a month of rarity all around the world. There are many rare events that are taking place this month both in the online and offline communities, but within the online casino realm there are many impressive rare tournaments taking place all over the net. VIP Casino, a Cryptologic powered casino, is leading the way with tournaments in two different table games that are promotional for the month of February.

Now, if a person that was familiar with online casinos and the tournaments they usually run was told that two table games would be featured in VIP Casino tournaments this month, chances are pretty good that they would guess that the two games in question are blackjack and roulette. The main reason for this is that the vast majority of table game tournaments in online casinos are blackjack tournaments and when you add blackjack and roulette together, they account for almost every tournament at online casinos that deals with table games.

However, VIP Casino has decided to move off the beaten track slightly and be a little bit different this time around. VIP Casino is making their February table game tournaments in craps and baccarat, both of which are popular games at online casinos in cash game format but which have not been created in tournament format that often in recent memory. While VIP Casino is offering these tournaments as a one time promotion, it is quite possible that these same tournaments might end up sparking a further array of table game tournaments at online casinos should the results and the interest from these two tournaments prove them to be a smash hit. In other words, VIP Casino executives will keep a close eye on enrolment numbers and reception to see what future potential online casino tournaments in non-blackjack table games might be.

The tournament itself is quite a simple one in format terms. A person pays $10 in order to get into the tournament and then plays against other entrees into the tournament to see who can obtain the best result against the craps table or baccarat table. At the end of the tournament, the winner will receive $500, second place will receive $250 and places three through seven will each receive $50. It is a simple, yet effective format and VIP Casino deserves credit for utilizing it in an attempt to drum up interest in its February table game tournaments.

Golden Casino to host Special Week Long Online Slots Tournament for Valentine’s Day

Golden Casino is known for many things, but in player terms it is perhaps best known for all of the different online tournaments it is responsible for creating. There are not many online casinos around that have the ability to build up a player base through online casino tournaments, but Golden Casino over the years has displayed a remarkable ability to do just that.

In fact, one of their main tournaments, known as the Weekend Madness Tournament, has become one of the most celebrated tournaments not just amongst online casinos, but amongst online gambling sites in general. This tournament is a very simple tournament format that starts on Friday, ends on Tuesday and awards a prize pool of at least $30,000 over the course of that entire span of time. The tournament is a re-buy tournament with an initial entry fee of $20 for 325 credits and a re-buy option for the same amount. In the month of February, the first week will see the tournament played on the Cherry Blossoms online slot machine with the third and fourth weeks having tournaments respectively played on the Magic Carpet online slot machine and the Coral Cash online slot machine.

The second week is a bit of a unique situation this month because the second tournament contains Valentine’s Day. Since many couples enjoy online gambling together on this particular occasion, Golden Casino has decided to go ahead and create a special tournament (from 13th February to 20th February) just for Valentine’s Day. The online slot machine that will be used for this tournament is Cupid’s Arrow which is a slot machine that has a perfect theme for a tournament that is being extended for special promotions centered on the Valentine’s Day calendar date.

There are many special aspects to this particular tournament. For starters, Golden Casino’s typical minimum prize pool of $30,000 has been more than doubled to $70,000, which gives all those couples out there a unique opportunity to win some money for celebrations of their love for each other. In addition to this increase however, the entry cost for the tournament has been reduced from $20 to $0.99, with the re-buy amount having been increased to $25. This means that unless you re-buy more than three times in the tournament, you will save money overall. That fact alone makes this a remarkable offer from an online casino that is known for great online tournaments.

Five New RTG Slots Added to Club World Casino’s Collection of games

lub World Casinos is powered by RTG- Real Time Gaming Software. It has recently added five new slots to its amazing portfolio of more than 100 games. Just choose one of the games, download it and you can be sure to have really amusing experience. The great advantage of the games is that they are also available through the Flash version of the software (and here we should thank the RTG developers).

It is definitely attracting for the player when a casino offers more than 250 games. Yet, this may turn out to be a real challenge to sort through the large selection of slots, which usually make up the bulk of games offered. And this is why you should stop here and pay attention to Real Time Gaming and the great job they did creating the new five slots. In fact, although similar in function, each of the games has a unique theme and is attractive on its own particular way.

“Big Shot” is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot. This game is themed around “hitting the target with good aim”. The Funky Monkey” slot takes you back the psychedelic time of 60’s. “Triple Toucan”, another 5-reel, 20-payline bonus video slot should bring satisfaction for those who like fruits and birds. “Victory” is similar to the Battleship” board game from back in the day, and is sure to strike a funny chord with anyone in the military. Finally, the glory days of Hollywood have been chosen to create a theme for “Fame and Fortune”.

Depending on the place of your residence, Club World Casinos will direct you to Club USA, Club UK or Club Euro Casino. RTG graphics will definitely provide you with great experience. So, ready to start? Just forget about the money if that’s an obstacle for you at the beginning. You can open a fun-money account and test out the new games. Enjoy playing!

Casinos Online

Click Here to Play at Millionaire Online Casino - Get up to $1000 Free

Millionaire Casino is a Vegas Technology Casino managed by the some of the most competent gaming groups. If you are an American, then you are most welcome to the online Millionaire casino. At this casino, you will enjoy a wide range of supreme online casino games, which are often updated with most recent online casino games.

However, if you are searching for sophisticated slots games with numerous features, such as, blackjack, different versions of video poker games and other casino games, you are sure to find this Online Casino has it all. The best part of this casino is the software and graphics, which are managed by the Vegas Technology. The casino offers the same sound and graphics that you find at other well-known casinos such as English Harbor and Golden Casino.

As far as the software is concerned, you can easily download it on your computer, since it is only consumes 3 Megabytes (MB) of your PC, the overall size of the game is also very small and lets play your preferred game in no time. While considering the variety of game, you will find that Millionaire Casino features multiple versions of different casino games. In fact, it is well known for boasting a wide range of casino games to select and play. In addition, it is regularly adding innovative games.

Vegas Casino Online $500 Bonus – Best US Casino 2008

Vegas Casino Onlinealso manages Sun Palace Casino ,Slots Plus Casino and Las Vegas USA Casino. It is one of the most popular and a must visit online casino. The casino is one of the highly respected and regulated gambling web sites. RTG (Real Time Gaming) software supports this site. It has a customer support team, which works 24×7 to offer effective customer service.

In fact, it got lots of appreciation for being customer-oriented rather than profit-oriented online casino. RTG supports Vegas Online Casino with its accreditations such as iGGBA and IGC memberships. In addition, TST (Technical Systems Testing) certified the Vegas Casino Online for providing a fair gaming experience to its players.

Cegas Casino online has many bonus incentives, for instance, new entrants may reap the benefits of bonus incentives or free bonus of High Roller Slots or a Multi-deposit Welcome Bonus, which are equal to or less than $/€/£750 and $/€/£500 respectively. They demands its players to have special code, which then can be used to claim their bonus before making deposit. In addition, players can redeem their bonus equal to or less than $2000, if they meet the needs of 15x low stake or 20x low stake in Slots Bonuses.

Online Slots Dictionary

It can be very handy to know the online Slots dictionary in detail, if you want to have fun playing slots. Here are some of the common terms used in the game:

Hopper: It basically refers to the area where the cash is stored in the slot machine.

Max Bet: It is a wager which will allow you to use the highest number of coins when you are playing a game on the slot machine. The wagers can vary from 2 coins to 5 coins.

Coin size: The value of the coin is referred to as the coin size. It is also known as the coin denomination. For example, in case you play on a machine which accepts a 25 cent, then the coin denomination is known as 25 cents.

Stand Up Slot Machines: These machines will be much higher from the ground compared to the other machines.

Low Level Slot Machines: These are basically the machines which are closer to the floor.

Pay Table: It will display in detail the various combinations on the slot machine to the player so that they can strike the same combination to win. You also are given other information on the number of coins needed to bag a particular jackpot. Finally you also get to know about any additional bonuses declared by a casino.

Symbols: These are the designs which are present on the reels. Only when they all line up together can a player win a game.

Pay for Play Machines: You will be given a winning amount depending on the number of coins you plan to use for the game.

Multi-line Slot Machines: It refers to the machines which will always have more than one payline. These paylines will have anywhere between two to fifteen paylines in them.

Payback: The winning amount given to you by the machine is known as payback. This would depend on the winning combination of the game. You will accordingly be given a specific number of coins as payback for your winning combination.

Reels: These are the circular units of the slot machine which display the symbols.

Slots Tips

Anyone can win at Slots provided they use the best tips possible to improve their knowledge and skills. Some of the slots tips will be known by most people. While there will be certain tips which you can pick up from some regular players who are good and are ready to share them with you. You also have the option of searching for some good slots tips on the internet. Once you have got a good number of slots tips use the ones which you feel suit your game. Always do what suits your frame of mind. So here are some of the most useful slots tips:

One useful slots tip is to avoid playing with the credits which will be piling up on the machine. As this will not help you in knowing the score which you need to know accurately when you are busy playing the games.

Always plan so that you are aware of your position while you are playing a large number of games. If you are aware of your up or down position then you can use a plan accordingly.

It’s a very good idea to join as many slots clubs as you can at a casino. You can join for free and get a good chance to recover a part of your money spent by you. You can recover it by getting it in form of comps.

Another useful slots tip would be to take part in slot tournaments. You will not need to pay a high entry fee. You also have a very good chance of registering a large number of wins. You can always check the list of tournaments at the casino or check the schedule online on the website of the casino you are interested in playing at. You will also be able to have a lot of fun when you take part in such tournaments.

What is Progressive Jackpot ?

If you are not sure what exactly a progressive jackpot is, then it’s basically a kind of jackpot where the total amount of the jackpot keeps on increasing as the games are played by the players. The amount will at least increase by small amounts every time a game is played by any player. It is normally valid for a slot machine game or on a video machine game. The working of a progressive jackpot is mainly possible because many machines are joined together so that a single large one can be formed. It keeps on increasing at a fast pace, because a large number of players are adding to the value of the jackpot as they are all playing at the same time.

A player can always check the value of the progressive jackpot as it will be indicated on a meter along with its value in currency form. It can be won by any player by bagging the combination which has the highest payout. If the player manages to get five of the most important symbols when he is playing any game on the slot machine, then he is ensured of the progressive jackpot. He also has a similar chance of bagging it if he can get a royal flush or another similar highest payout when he plays on a video poker game.

History of Slots

The history of Slots is a very interesting one. Charles Fey has been credited with the invention of the first Slots machine. This development took place in the year 1895. It basically involved the manufacture of the Mills Liberty Bell in 1907. Charles Fey collaborated with the Mills Novelty Company for the development of Mills Liberty Bell. It was commonly known as the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell was able to gain a lot of popularity within a short period of time. Also since the demand for the Slots machine was very huge, other competitors took advantage of the situation and too came up with similar models of the Slots machines.

The Liberty Bell Slots Machine had a classic Liberty Bell present at the front of the machine. The machine also had the following symbols on it – diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes and the unique Liberty Bell symbol. There were totally three reels. Each reel contained all the five symbols mentioned above. A jackpot amount of 10 nickels could be claimed by any winner on getting a combination of three Liberty Bell symbols on a single pay line. There were Slots machines besides the Liberty bell which even had reel strips displaying kings, queens and jacks.

The later models had some minor changes which got ornate scrolled feet instead of the earlier cast iron feet with toes. A bell would ring when the winning combination was hit upon by the winner. But later machines didn’t have this ring as it was excluded by the machine producers. But the bell has made a comeback in recent times and you can now find a bell ringing whenever a player strikes the jackpot.

Slots Glossary – Learn all terms used in the game

You will enjoy your game better and have more fun if you can learn all the terms used in the Slots game. Some of the important words which are used in slang form in the Slots glossary are as follows:

Payout: When the machine rewards the player with any amount for winning a game, then the term is referred to as a payout.

Max Bet: When you are given the opportunity to put the maximum number of coins on a single spin, then it is termed as max bet. You will be able to earn a much higher amount with more coins on any winning combo in a game with this option.

Onesies: When a player uses only a single coin to play a game, then he or she is referred to as Onesies.

Hit: A win is termed as a hit on the Slot machine game.

Pay line: The winning lines which are present on a Slot machine are known as pay line. They are always indicated by the pay table.

Slot Superstitions – Learn about the Mysteries around Slot Machines

If you have encountered many myths about the slot machines, you can easily learn about the mysteries so that it helps you to be a better slots player. Once you have done that, you will be able to plan a better strategy for the future.

So let’s see all the myths connected with the slot machines. Many people have a common myth that if they spend a lot of time on a machine, and then another person just takes over that particular machine and hits a jackpot, then in such a case the jackpot should belong to them for all the hard work done by them just before the next person has claimed the jackpot. This doesn’t make any sense as every machine generates a jackpot with the help of a random number generator (RNG). And this RNG doesn’t pay any person for spending a longer period of time on that particular machine. Instead it will pay any person the jackpot when that person has hit the spin button at the exact moment which has been determined by the RNG without taking any other factors into consideration.

Many people also like to believe the myth that jackpots are rewarded to some people to encourage them to splash more money on the various games. This is simply not possible for the following reasons. Firstly it is not allowed by law. And secondly, every step involved with the spin process is generated by the RNG. And we know very clearly that the RNG produces the outcome of any spin in a random manner. Thus only the RNG and not the casino determine the winner of the jackpot.

Five Hot Slots Tips

If you want to become an excellent slots player, you need to come up with at least five hot slots tips. These tips will help you get better returns on your money. You will also start enjoying yourself more when you find yourself using these five hot slots tips. Every good slots player should have a minimum of five hot slots tips. In case you don’t have any, look for the ones which can work for you. But the following five hot slots tips will really do wonders for you.

Your first useful hot slot tip is to always play with a totally alert mind. This will help you to avoid losing money. Very often people go in a trance in front of a machine. This gets them into a situation where they keep losing money. The sad part is by the time they are out of the trance, they have a lost a large amount of money. Avoid being like them; instead, try to focus on what you want to do. This doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy too. Whenever you are feeling sluggish, take a break from the machine. You can also try another game instead of sticking with the same game. You should never ever stick to a single machine even after you have lost a large amount of money. You will end up getting depressed and wearisome. Also you might land up with losses which will not be forgotten very easily by you.

Video Poker Tips

You should always learn Video Poker tips if you want to do well in it. You can find these tips very easily if you browse online on the internet. In case you are not able to find useful Video Poker tips, use the search option to check tips which can help you do well in Video Poker. You will also find a number of books which offer many handy tips on the same. Use these tips to better your skills on video poker.

Here are some important tips to remember the next time you want to play Video Poker. You should always practice Video Poker by going online. This will help you to improve your skills. You will be able to easily download flash games which are offered free on many websites. Remember if you just want to learn to play Video Poker; don’t spend a large amount of money unnecessarily to learn the game. Instead look for other opportunities to learn the same without needing to spend much money.

It’s very important to set your goals before you play Video Poker. This tip will help you to focus yourself in a much better way. Decide right at the start what your aim is. Do you want to use this opportunity to make money or just earn a bit of cash to spend on free drinks. Once you have finalized what you want to do, you can accordingly increase your focus and approach to the game.

Best Casinos Of 2008

1.Rushmore Casino has an enviable reputation for being one of the online destinations for some of the largest high rollers. While playing at this online casino you will also get to experience easy registration for new players, great support from their knowledgeable staff, crisp graphics, clear sounds and great bonuses.

Rushmore Casino use Real Time Gaming Software so you can be sure that you will get speed, an easy to use interface and first class security. This online casino has been one of the trusted casinos online since starting in 2006. Rushmore Casino is operated by Isagro Holdings Ltd, Nicosia, Cyprus and has many games for you to choose from like Table Games, Slots, Specialty Games, Video Poker, Blackjack and more.

2.Slots Oasis Casino is, I think, one of the prettiest sites I have seen. This site has a really Nice layout, when you run the cursor over the top menus on the landing page, the menus change to show hieroglyphics. Slots Oasis Casino really have thought of every little detail in order to get the atmosphere and surroundings right and all this would not be possible without the know how from the experienced software company RTG.

This online casino is not just about looks, it is your payline paradise. Slots Oasis Casino have a team dedicated to providing their players with amazing gaming, and responsible environment. This online casino is accepting all US players like its sister sites, Cherry Red Casino and Rushmore Casino.

3.Cherry Red Casino is luxurious, and is a really nice looking site, but that is not all, it is easy to navigate, has crisp graphics and everything you will ever need in the online casino world is right at your fingertips. You are giving the choice of instant play or to download their casino using the software developed by Real Time Gaming. Cherry Red Casino is themed by the ‘Roaring Twenties’ with music, dance and a feel of celebration. This online casino brings the broad-way experience to your home, with optional jazz music to set the mood and games featuring the fox-trot and shimmy just to name a couple.

With over 100 games to choose from US players will be happy to learn that Cherry Red Casino is accepting all US players. This online casino enforces every measure to ensure safe and secure transactions and believe in fair and responsible gaming. Owned and operated by Isagro Holdings Ltd, Nicosia, Cyprus, this online casino has a large selection of deposit methods, great sign up bonuses, fast payouts and an experience customer support team.


I love to play at online casinos.When i go with my wife to ‘real’ casinos i cant wait to get home ,all the noise and waiting for a game you likes just drives me mad.This year i won a cruise and over $100,000 PRofit at my favorite casino.In fact i loved the group so much i made my own affiliate website to promote them.In coming days ill be posting pictures of me from the vip on a cruise i won this year.

stay tuned for my mindless ramblings about my favorite games.

Dean B.