Real Time Gaming Releases New Slot Machine Coyote Cash

Real Time Gaming has been one of the rising stars of the online casino industry and recently they solidified that position through the creation of a number of excellent slot machines. For people that love slot machines, this particular act has garnered Real Time Gaming a lot of good points with customers and for that reason RTG casinos have started to see a predictable rise in the number of people they have coming to play at their facilities, especially where the online slot machines are concerned.

As far as Real Time Gaming is concerned however, few of their recent releases have the same amount of potential as Coyote Cash, the newest online slot machine to come out of their design process. The Coyote Cash online video slot machine is a machine that has the potential to be extremely popular for an extremely long period of time and this is because it combines the two major points that make a slot machine successful within the online world.

The first of those two points is a good theme. Slot machines are a dime a dozen nowadays in the online world and for that reason a slot machine needs to really distinguish itself from its peers in order to generate enough of an audience to be relevant and the best way to do that is through a good theme. Drawing on the images of the cartoon west from coyote and roadrunner days that we all remember watching when we were growing up, the Coyote Cash online video slot machine has a theme that can inspire people and keep them coming back for more.

The second of the two points is the potential for winning a lot of money and Coyote Cash provides this potential in two distinct ways. The first of those two ways is through the normal jackpot which is worth 10,000 coins and therefore has a maximum potential value of $50,000. This by itself is already an immense amount of money, but it is increased even further by the fact that Coyote Cash has a progressive jackpot that could grow to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars if enough time goes by without someone winning it.

With these two elements behind it, Coyote Cash is most definitely poised to make a big strike in the marketplace on behalf of Real Time Gaming.

Microgaming Releases Four New Slot Games for March

Microgaming is an online gambling corporation dedicated to the creation of excellent software for the express purpose of online gambling. They have a habit of releasing a handful of new online slot machines every month as a way of reaffirming the excellent reputation they have built up over the years and in the month of March they really put their best foot forward in terms of the slot machines they released.

All four slot machines are online video slot machines with five reels, something which has almost become ubiquitous throughout the slot machines that Microgaming releases on a monthly basis. With pay lines that number either in the 20s or 30s depending on the game, once again Microgaming has stayed true to their numerical form by going with what has worked for them in the past. As with so many things however, appearance is important and it is really the appearance that has made each online slot machine a unique video slot.

The four games are Beach Babes, Fighting Fish, Kings and Queens and The Rat Pack. All four of them have themes that are distinct from each other. Beach Babes is a game that revolves around the beach lifestyle, while Fighting Fish is a game that draws on the twin inspirations of boxing and fishing. Kings and Queens covers royalty and the rich empires of old while The Rat Pack is a play on words between the famous swing group and the actual animals that hold the same name. In each case however, Microgaming has created unique images, unique textures and unique characters, all of which serve to accentuate the differences between these four online slot machines.

With these four online slot machines now released to select Microgaming online casinos, the time has come for players to try them out and deliver verdicts on whether the games will sink or swim. It is inevitable that even a great company like Microgaming will have dud games from time to time, but they have such an astonishing record when it comes to these games that one has to admire the skill and the speed at which they are able to put them on the market.

For serial online gamers, these four games will be inhaled at the rate of one per week until the next submission from Microgaming in April, at which point the entire process will repeat once more.

Best Online Casinos

Click Here to Play at Millionaire Online Casino - Get up to $1000 Free

Millionaire Casino is a Vegas Technology Casino managed by the some of the most competent gaming groups. If you are an American, then you are most welcome to the online Millionaire casino. At this casino, you will enjoy a wide range of supreme online casino games, which are often updated with most recent online casino games.

However, if you are searching for sophisticated slots games with numerous features, such as, blackjack, different versions of video poker games and other casino games, you are sure to find this Online Casino has it all. The best part of this casino is the software and graphics, which are managed by the Vegas Technology. The casino offers the same sound and graphics that you find at other well-known casinos such as English Harbor and Golden Casino.

As far as the software is concerned, you can easily download it on your computer, since it is only consumes 3 Megabytes (MB) of your PC, the overall size of the game is also very small and lets play your preferred game in no time. While considering the variety of game, you will find that Millionaire Casino features multiple versions of different casino games. In fact, it is well known for boasting a wide range of casino games to select and play. In addition, it is regularly adding innovative games.

Vegas Casino Online $500 Bonus – Best US Casino 2008

Vegas Casino Onlinealso manages Sun Palace Casino ,Slots Plus Casino and Las Vegas USA Casino. It is one of the most popular and a must visit online casino. The casino is one of the highly respected and regulated gambling web sites. RTG (Real Time Gaming) software supports this site. It has a customer support team, which works 24×7 to offer effective customer service.

In fact, it got lots of appreciation for being customer-oriented rather than profit-oriented online casino. RTG supports Vegas Online Casino with its accreditations such as iGGBA and IGC memberships. In addition, TST (Technical Systems Testing) certified the Vegas Casino Online for providing a fair gaming experience to its players.

Cegas Casino online has many bonus incentives, for instance, new entrants may reap the benefits of bonus incentives or free bonus of High Roller Slots or a Multi-deposit Welcome Bonus, which are equal to or less than $/€/£750 and $/€/£500 respectively. They demands its players to have special code, which then can be used to claim their bonus before making deposit. In addition, players can redeem their bonus equal to or less than $2000, if they meet the needs of 15x low stake or 20x low stake in Slots Bonuses.


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